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tv   President Obama Meets with Prime Minister Modi of India  CSPAN  June 7, 2016 8:53pm-9:02pm EDT

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results, speeches, and your reaction. coming up tomorrow at 11:00 eastern, the prime minister of india will be speaking to a joint meeting of congress live on c-span. the prime minister spoke today with president obama in the oval office. >> it is a great pleasure to welcome back my friend, prime and his indian delegation to the oval office. i still have fond memories of being honored by the prime minister's participation in operations in india, and the incredible hospitality and warmth he has shown us during our visit.
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as the world's two largest countries with strong bond between our peoples, our businesses, our scientific and educational communities, it is natural that the united states has deepened and broadened our relationships across a broad range of missions. in paris, the joining of forces between india and the united states helped forge a historic agreement that can effectively deal with climate change. and, we discussed how we can as quickly as possible bring the
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and make suret the climate financing that is embark onfor india to a bold vision for solar energy and clean energy that prime has laid out, can be accomplished. and the agreements and memoranda that we reached, and the serious -- seriousness with which we both take climate change. we discussed in addition, the progress we have made around civil nuclear energy, and i advocated our support for india
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becoming part of the nuclear , it is critical to india's development and prosperity being available. ourwe also discussed important work together around the nonproliferation of nuclear materials and technologies that could end up falling into the wrong hands. and i very much appreciated the prime minister's very effective interventions of this vision at the security summit. [translating]
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>> of course, a key priority for both of us is how to promote economic prosperity and opportunity, and poverty-alleviation for our people. a wideinue to discuss range of areas where we can cooperate more effectively in order to promote jobs and investments and trade. greaterromote opportunities for our people, particularly young people in both of our countries. translating]
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we discussedand, toward the end of our meeting and our lunch meeting, the important regional and security issues. because india and the united states of a shared vision of democracy, of countries resolving conflicts diplomatically rather than through war. when we work together on the international space, we can make onlyficant progress, not on traditional security challenges, but also new security challenges like cyber security. those are going to be increasingly important in the 21st century. >>[translating]
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pres. obama: again, i want to thank my friend, prime minister modi for his leadership. i know whenever he visits, it is a source of great pride and excitement not only for the people of india, but for the remarkable indian american community here in the united states that are a symbol and a testament to the deep bond for friendship and family that exists between >> indian prime minister modi speaks to a joint congress tomorrow. coverage begins at 11:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span.
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good evening. tonight marks the final round of multiple state primaries for campaign 2016. 6 states are voting, including delegate rich california. republican presumptive nominee don't jump is in --donald trump is in westchester, new york. he is expected to speak within the hour. hillary clinton is at the navy yard in brooklyn, what her staff described as a victory address. that's because last night the associate press reported that clinton had enough superdelegates to win this nomination on the first ballot. senator bernie sanders is in santa monica, california, where he spoke for the last 2 weeks. people speak about 4 hours after the results in california ar ekown. we will hear these candidate's 3 important speeches in their entirety, results, and your
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reactions to all of us as the night progresses. polls closed about 100 ago in new jersey. their closing now in new mexico and north and south dakota. montana pulls close at 10:00 eastern. voting concludes in california at 11:00 pacific. we will look at the returns from new jersey. >> early numbers showing hillary clinton is moving ahead in new jersey. we should point out the results. inh about 11% of the vote new jersey indicating that hillary clinton is a head. we will keep track of the numbers during the evening. one quick note from cbs news, donald trump at his golf club in westchester will be using a teleprompter. that was tweeted out a moment ago. >> let me introduce you to our guest joining us from washington.


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